A blog post written by Eylan Ezekiel about the demise of LWF sparked the idea for creat_ED. He was bowled over with the support from people in the LWF community – from as far away as Australia.

Since then he’s worked with Anna Pedroza, Drew Buddie and many others. The outcome is creat_ED, which will take place on the same day, in the same place as LWF13 would have taken place - and with the support of The Barbican.

The shape of the event was created by members of the LWF community, including Kevin McLaughlin, Dawn Hallybone, Fred Garnett, Jenny Ashby, Jon Cassie, Tony Parkin, Pete Yeomans, Ben Barton, and Jonathan Nalder (sorry to those missed off this list).

creat_ED is powered by volunteer effort on a shoestring budget, and expect the tickets will cover the cost of running this event. Although we wanted to make the event a product of the community, we do welcome sponsors, and we are extremely grateful to the following organisations for their help.

EdComs thrives on creating fresh and effective online education programmes and digital communications. We owe a huge amount to the unbelievably rich networks of teachers and edtech professionals who make up communities like LWF and (now) Creat_ED.  We benefit from their knowledge, creativity, experience, insight – you name it! As such we’re delighted to be able to support Creat_ED and look forward to seeing the sparks created by it” Andrew Carrick, Director

"Rising Stars is a company of passionate people who come to work to create quality and inspiring resources, books and online materials for children and schools. Everything we do has children’s learning at its centre and all Rising Stars products are devised and developed with schools, teachers and educational organisations, often in partnerships. We thrive on  innovative practice so  we are really happy to be supporting the inaugural #creat_ED in June." Andrea Carr, Managing Director

The Barbican has been extremely kind in it's support of #creat_ED, and we are very grateful for their help in getting this event off the ground, at quite short notice, at this prestigious venue.

"Launched in January 2012 by one of the world’s leading educational publishers, Macmillan Digital Education captures opportunities in the consumer online education markets. A corporate venture capital investor and incubator, we are technology and service driven to make learning more effective and fun whilst embracing our user centric business understanding."