Thursday, June 27, 2013

We made it, Together!

The Barbican hosted the first #creat_ED event last week, and it was a hugely enjoyable and successful event!

We had three amazing speakers: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Simon Raymonde and Stevyn Colgan who engaged, inspired and provoked. This was then followed by a round of ground up workshops which ranged from global education to habits of learning to the skills and disposition five year olds need for living online.

We generated real 'Dos', new projects including a Dating Service for schools, a learning community that was created on the day, and a global video conferencing event.

But the real success of the day wasn't that we broke even (YAY!), that people turned up, that learning and connections happened (given time and space this is no surprise) but something much more simple. 

The best thing about #creat_ED was that we co-created it. Everyone contributed to the day. From the generosity of our speakers in giving their time for free; our kind sponsors providing money and logistics; to the Barbican team for their kindnesses and bunting;  to those who brought a/v equipment with them; people stepping up and helping make the day work, ... and, most of all, the enthusiasm and excitement of all those who came.

Are there things that we would have done differently? YES! We screwed up the sound on the live feed (Gah!!! #epicfail) and so there is no proper video from the day on youtube, as intended. Sorry. Also, time keeping needed to be much tighter, and there should have been more time and support for 'doing'... but...

Should we do it again?  What do you think??? Would you take part again?