Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catalytic Converter Sessions

#creat_ED will be an unconference - the content, programme and outcomes defined by those that join us on June 21st at The Barbican.

There will be some support for the day,  including some amazing speakers, but specifically by those able  to turn hot air into action, who we are calling "Catalytic Converters".  Some of whom have already signed up to lead sessions in the afternoon on the day. Please add your session here and help make bright ideas float.

We have had quite a few people who asking for more information about the afternoon sessions, and how they will work. Given that we are providing a context for action, here is how we think it will work.

Firstly, as Lizzie @enliven-ed suggested: 'inspire/provoke/create' just means what it says, ie: "speaking from practice, offering some kind of a challenge and then allowing people to do something"

The reason for it is to make the sessions active and practical beyond the session. No passive listening, or..."that was interesting but ...I cannot do anything with it". 

We want people to be inspired to do their own thing. It might be to work with you, take your idea on in their context; but most likely it might be to do something utterly different in outcome, but based on the steps you took. It is those parallels we are hoping to make across tech, the creative industries and education.

This is an unconference. It is worth noting though that the  "do something" phase might be something other than you expect. Expect the unexpected  and unplanned outcomes. The excitement and energy of the participants is what we want to enable, so expect to see people get an 'AHA!' moment, and look distracted.... No one has to stay for your session, and people might move about, or go off to start work. 

We think most sessions will be around 40mins - but we hope that by the end of the session most of the attendees have broken off to put the ideas into action.

+Fred Garnett , and a mini team of expert facilitators, will be helping to gather themes to tell a broader story about the day, and helping keep things moving. 

So,  get a ticket and sign up for a session for our very special day at The Barbican on 21st of June. Let your friends know, and tell us about the people that inspire you.

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