What to expect

The aim of Creat_ED is to act as a catalyst to spark changes for the better in education and learning. Creat_ED is about listening and discussing but most importantly, it’s about doing. So, this isn’t a sit back type of event. Here’s what we have planned so far. 

Three keynote speakers to inspire and provoke.

The amazing Stevyn Colgan, an ex-Cop who helped to found Scotland Yard's Police Problem Solving Unit and now a QI elf and writer will be speaking about challenging orthodoxy, making unpredictable connections and problem-solving. Watch a video of him in action here.

The remarkable Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Founder of the Good Night Lamp and designswarm will be speaking about the 'internet of things'.

The awesome Simon Raymonde, Founder of Bella Union Records and one half of the Cocteau Twins, will be speaking about spotting talent where others might miss it, gut instinct and having grit.

We have one brilliant facilitator - Fred Garnet

Lots of parallel sessions including (so far) …..

Jon Cassie Head of Senior School, Sewickly Academy, Pittsburgh - Mission crafting for new schools, envisioning the mid-21st century graduate, gamified classrooms.
Jenny Ashby - “Is Simple More?” Yes everything has been made simple to use but no skills are being learned. Who will create in the future?
Mark Allen - Knitting spaghetti and building a school ecosystem from Google Apps Edu as the glue
Darius Norrell - Radical employability / extreme learning

The Wall of DO
Everything you want to DO can be added to the Wall of DO. Join the dots between ideas, 
meet people who share the same ideas, sign up for things that inspire you.

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